PrePaid Cellular - Authorized PagePlus, Simple Mobile, and Selectel Wireless Dealer
Authorized Selectel Wireless, PagePlus, and Simple Mobile dealer
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Values Statement

At PrePaid Cellular we are committed to conducting business to the highest standards of ethics and integrity. We strive to deliver straightforward communication tools that not only are smart and convenient but deliver a high level of value to the user. In addition, we seek to promote the highest levels of customer service. We work to educate users about communication tools believing that informed pragmatic consumers will find value in PrePaid. We are dedicated to making communication products and services easy to understand allowing users to remain in control of their PrePaid experience. Finally, we know that our interactions with society reflect our character as an organization and pledge have those interactions embody the high standards we claim to possess.

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*Unlimited plans include a fixed amount of high-speed data each term as described in the plan's description. Once the high-speed data threshold has been reached, data speeds will be reduced for the remainder of the plan's term. High-speed data is restored when the plan is renewed.
4G is not available in all areas and requires a compatible device and SIM card.

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